Thursday, October 3, 2013

Grandma Helen's 90th Birthday Bash

This August, all the Hart's traveled to Newton Kansas to celebrate 90 years of fun with the sweet Helen Hart. Kevin and I have both never been to Kansas before and had no idea what to expect. My goodness, it was hot! Even at 11PM it was still 80 degrees. Jeez!

Despite the insane weather conditions, we had a fantastic trip. Although we were only there for a short weekend, there was a lot planned! We spent the weekend meeting new friends and relatives and catching up with close loved ones as well.

Grandma Helen really enjoyed her party! So much that when asked what she wanted to do next year for her birthday, she simply replied "Rest." Love her!

My favorite part of the trip was hanging out in the hotel room with everyone and hearing stories about Helen and family when they were younger and driving around Newton to see where everyone grew up. I can't wait for more trips like this in the future! Kevin and I love learning about our family!

Mrs. Hart

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Deck!

Kevin and I have been wanting to fix the deck in out backyard for awhile now. When we bought our townhouse, it was in pretty good condition. However, after a long and wet fall, winter, and spring, a few of the older pieces of wood began to rot away making it dangerous to walk on. We can't have that now, can we?! Not acceptable! ;)

Kevin's sweet parents decided to gift us a new deck for our 2 year wedding anniversary. They spent the weekend with us and it was so much fun! Kevin and Jim worked really hard ripping up our old deck and building a new fresh one. But boy did their hard work pay off! It looks fantastic!

Kathy was so sweet to plant beautiful flowers in some pots I had laying around. It really spruces up our backyard! Kevin and I really enjoyed sitting back there chatting and drinking wine on our new deck.

Thank you Jim and Kathy! We love you!!

We had an awesome summer but are both really enjoying fall :)
Mrs. Hart

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Puerto Vallarta Trip March 2013

I'm making it a point to be better at blogging. Please, hold me accountable!

Wanted to show a couple pictures from our trip to Puerto Vallarta earlier this year. We had a extremely busy and stressful 2012 so we wanted to reward ourselves and go on a relaxing vacation! We chose Puerto Vallarta because we had a lot of airlines miles and it was ones of places that we could go for free, score!

We stayed at one of the smaller all-inclusive hotels on the water called Friendly Vallarta. You know that phrase, "You get what you pay for?" Well that doesn't apply to this place, folks! The service was incredible. Everyone was so helpful, extremely kind, and not to mention a ball of fun!

We were there for 6 days and spent at least half of everyday on the beach. We even made friends with a couple of the local merchants :) We spent most of our time on the resort, not because we had to, but because we wanted to! Their food was absolutely delicious (Kevin LOVED the nachos, as did I. And the fajitas were to die for), bottomless drinks, and really friendly people. We ventured into town one of the days which was really fun. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is beautiful and has a ton of history.

We decided to go ahead and experience one of the excursions, and we chose The Rhythm of the Nights.  You take a boat to this island that is only lit with candles and torches. Once you arrive, you are escorted to an outdoor stage where there is a phenomenal performance including singing, dancing, acrobats, fire dancers, etc. It was awesome! After that, you are invited to a different part of the island where you get to enjoy a candle lit dinner. It is meant to be romantic for couples, so every table only seats two. We loved this! We sat right on the water and enjoyed our wine and dinner. It was such a cool experience.

We were really sad to leave :( We felt like we really connected with this fun town and the people that lived in it. Can't wait to go back!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Announcing the launch of Whitney's new business!

We are proud to announce the launch of Whitney's new business, Nee Nee Bikini: Mobile Spray Tanning & Beauty Services!

The Hart's

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why am I so bad at blogging?!

I can't seem to keep this thing updated for the life of me. My friends and family keep reminding me to keep them posted but I have been super forgetful lately.

Kevin and I are doing well :) Things have begun to settle down a little bit since the holidays which we are very thankful for. It was getting a bit crazy there for a minute! I'm going out of town for 5 days tomorrow and will miss Kev & Albus Dumbledore :(

Kevin is going through crunch time at work but it's nothing compared to when he worked at 343. Kevin LOVES his job! The company is so wonderful to work for and we feel very blessed.

I'm hopefully going to launch the first part of my small business next month. Just depends on the business license and getting everything in order. AHHH! I will post all about that when it's good & ready ;)

Mrs. H

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Year Wedding Anniversary Trip

This is over a month late but I'm going to post it anyways... :)

We celebrated our first wedding anniversary on August 12! We decided to plan a fun little weekend trip to Leavenworth, Washington. What a cute little town!

We stayed in an adorable cabin with a breath taking view located in Plain, Washington (about a half hour up the mountain from Leavenworth).

We ventured into the town to drink beer (when in Rome), eat bratwursts (when in Rome again), and go wine tasting (why not? We are wine-o's). It was a HOT day so we ended our day of fun with a big ice cream cone! :D

Cheers to our first year married and to many more to come!
Mrs. Hart

Sunday, September 2, 2012

We will update this bad boy soon :)

but until then...

Enjoy this picture of Kevin and I standing in line at the King Tut Exhibit :)

Okay bye!
Mrs. H